Oregon Employer Council


The Oregon Employer Council is dedicated to connecting employers to resources and education, partnering with communities and government agencies to promote workforce development.

Mission Statement

OEC is committed to:

  • Sponsoring high-quality, low-cost educational opportunities that benefit employers
  • Providing a forum for connecting employers, business and governmental agencies
  • Fostering and promoting cooperative relationships among Oregon employers, and government agencies
  • Finding solutions for workforce and business issues
  • Advocating for the needs of businesses and employers
  • Keeping employers informed of the laws and regulations that impact their business
  • Contributing to job training needs and supporting our local veterans and vocational students

The Oregon Employer Council (OEC) is a 30 year-old nonprofit corporation dedicated to fostering a partnership between Oregon employers and government agencies. With over 20 chapters throughout Oregon, OEC members involve employers in problem solving relationships with local, state, and federal governments to advocate for employer education and influence in their communities by identifying and addressing local workforce challenges.

OEC membership is open to all Oregon businesses. As a member, you have a voice and can make a difference in local employment and training issues as well as help shape the type of employer training and resources that are offered in your community. Why pay thousands of dollars for human resources or leadership training when OEC can offer the same high quality training at a low cost? Our members are the link between business, education, government, and the workforce.

OEC’s membership is mostly comprised of small to medium sized businesses and chapters are often found in rural and underserved locations in Oregon. Local Chapters of the Oregon Employer Council play important roles in their local communities. Especially in rural communities, OEC Chapters are often the only business membership organization in the area, and are the only source of low cost business training that is offered locally. It can sometimes be difficult to identify the role OEC plays in local communities because each chapter is unique. Local chapters are able to quickly identify and fill workforce needs within their communities, often in the form of business trainings, scholarships, career fairs, and donations that provide much needed services to veterans, students, and needy families all trying to return to the workforce.

OEC also contributes to and improves the efficiency of government agency operations. OEC has strong partnerships with the Department of Human Services, the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Department of Revenue, Oregon Employment Department, Bureau of Labor and Industries, and the Secretary of State’s Office. OEC is a cost effective and efficient way for government to reach hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout the state, to provide them with information, inquire about process improvements, and to provide services to employers, especially in underserved areas of Oregon.

The Oregon Employer Council is an organization that has a huge impact on local communities. They are a hub of information for employers and are tuned into their local workforce needs, which make them uniquely suited to quickly identify and address workforce issues in their local communities. Whether it is providing veterans with gas cards or educating hundreds of small businesses on healthcare law changes, OEC offers low cost and high impact services to local business communities across the State of Oregon.

Executive Officers

Katherine C. Tank

  • Katherine C. Tank
  • President

Josephine Ko

  • Josephine Ko
  • Vice President Area 1

Sarah Lindsey

  • Sarah Lindsey
  • Vice President Area 2

Kira Zavala

  • Kira Zavala
  • Vice President Area 3

Teresa Stout

  • Teresa Stout
  • Treasurer

Marico Oliveira

  • Marico Oliveira
  • Secretary

Greg Ivers

  • Greg Ivers
  • Events Planner