The Oregon Employer Council (OEC) is a 30 year-old statewide non-profit corporation dedicated to connecting employers to resources and education, and partnering with communities and government agencies to promote workforce development. Our mission is to provide a forum to connect local businesses, offer high-quality low cost educational opportunities, and to advocate for the needs of businesses and employers.

OEC is a membership organization composed of a wide-variety of Oregon businesses and employers, from large multi-national corporations to small mom and pop businesses. Membership is open to all Oregon businesses and is free of charge.

To make our work as effective and meaningful as possible, OEC is composed of local chapters that represent and serve the specific and diverse regions of Oregon, from the South Oregon Coast to the Rogue Valley to Central Oregon. Each local council works with its local employers and governmental agencies to address the unique challenges and educational and workforce needs of that particular community.

Because of our local focus, OEC has had a huge impact in the local communities it serves. Whether it is providing veterans with gas cards to get them to job interviews or educating hundreds of small business on key employment related laws and issues, OEC offers low cost and high impact services to the businesses and employers around the state.