Although we continue to see new breweries and pubs being created each year, an increasing number are also closing up shop.

When accounting for these closures the state only netted three new brewing establishments that reported payroll to the Oregon Employment Department in 2017. Additionally, employment growth in the brewing industry is slowing dramatically compared with several years ago.

Brewing employment continues to be dominated by pubs, which account for around 68 percent (5,560 jobs) of all brewing jobs. Not only are pubs the largest employers, but they are also the fastest growing. Over the past year pubs added around 460 jobs (+9%), while manufacturing breweries only netted 12 new jobs (+0.5%).

Despite much slower growth in the brewing industry over the past year, we continue to see these brewing establishments grow at a faster pace than the overall economy. After nearly a decade of impressive growth in new brewing establishments, we are starting to see fewer new firms each year and more closures. However, the industry continues to maintain relatively fast job growth due to existing establishments expanding their operations.

Read the Oregon Employment Department’s complete article for more facts and figures.

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